Table Tennis Club Amstelveen

General Information:
Table Tennis Club (TTV) Amstelveen was established in 1947 and is a member of the Dutch Table Tennis Association (NTTB). We currently have about 15 teams ( all 3-5 players each) participating in the national, district and junior leagues. In total, including recreational players, our club has over 100 members which makes TTV Amstelveen a semi-large club in the Amsterdam area. TTV Amstelveen has
 members starting at the age of six and has some members who have reached the respectable age of 80+. So we dare to say that table tennis is a sport you can play and enjoy your whole life.

What is our goal?

Our main goal is to have our members enjoy playing table tennis! We offer a wide range of playing opportunities to enter training sessions, free play or participate in league matches. 

We believe that good training and coaching, especially when you start playing table tennis, is essential in order to develop your game and to allow you to progress to your chosen level. Table tennis is a complex sport, particularly as you improve in the game. It has been often described as “Chess with a ball” due to the complexities of spin, speed and movement. We have experienced trainers who provide the coaching sessions for both juniors and seniors.

Why not join us?

Everyone can become a member of our club! We have a diverse club with members of different nationalities, age and level of play. Table tennis is an immensely enjoyable sport; it will keep you fit, keep your reflexes sharp and all you need is a table tennis bat and sport shoes.  

You can play throughout the year, please check the opening hours for exact days and times within the week. We invite you to visit us, see the club, taste the atmosphere and play some table tennis if you want. You can have three free try outs to find out if the sport of table tennis and our club is to your expectation.

Besides our great accommodation we also have a nice bar from where you can watch matches or training sessions or meet other members. Drinks and snacks are available at affordable prices.

We are a club, so next to all the regular activities we also organize several internal tournaments, not to mention the New Year's drinks and the annual club BBQ. We also participate in external tournaments.

What are the possibilities for playing in the competition?
The NTTB (Dutch Table Tennis Association) has two competitions per year. In fall from September to December and in spring from February to May. Junior teams play their matches on Saturday as well as the 1st senior team playing in the national competition. Other senior teams play their matches on weekday evenings, home games are played on Monday or Friday evening depending on the team.

The club always has room for more enthousiastic players who want to join the league competition.

Please let us know if you are interested.

What kind of training/coaching can you expect?
Junior members have coaching sessions twice a week, senior members can join training sessions once a week. In these training sessions experienced trainers teach the basic techniques and coach the players how to improve their game of table tennis. For junior members of course their age is taken into consideration regarding the training approach.

Want to know more?
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Table Tennis Club “Amstelveen” is a vibrant international community with around 125 members.

New members of all nationalities, ages and level of play are welcome.

Come and try out for 3 free sessions before deciding on membership. Because of COVID19 we would like to request you to make an appointment.

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