Membership fees


Below you find the applicable amounts for the season 2020-2021:






  • The season runs from September 1 until August 31.  If you become a member after September 1 you will be charged proportionally.

  • A one-off temporary membership of 3 months is possible (fee amounts to € 60).

  • For youth members a contribution for trainings sessions is included in the membership fee.

  • When paying the membership fee before October 1, a payment discount of € 20 applies.

  • For every 2nd family member or more a family discount applies of € 25 per person.


  • TTV Amstelveen is a member of the Dutch Table Tennis Association (NTTB).

  • All members of TTV Amstelveen become a member of the NTTB and pay the basic federation fee.

  • Competition playing members are obliged to pay the competition federation fee.

  • Federation fees are annualy adjusted based on the NTTB rates.



  • Termination of the membership must be done 2 months before the end of the season (June 30).

  • Membership terminations must be sent by email to our membership administrator.

  • In case of early cancellation, no contribution will be refunded.



  • Holders of a so called 'Amstelveenpas' are eligible for a compensation from the municipality Amstelveen. You need to apply for this compensation at the municipality yourself.

  • Payment of the membership fee is made by bank transfer to the bank account of the club. You will receive a payment request from our treasurer.

Table Tennis Club “Amstelveen” is a vibrant international community with around hundred members.

New members of all nationalities, ages and level of play are welcome.

Come and try out for 3 free sessions before deciding on membership. Because of COVID19 we would like to request you to make an appointment.

TTV Amstelveen has entered into a great partnership with Game11.

As a result, members of TTV Amstelveen receive a 20% discount on a large part of the assortment like frames, rubbers, clothes etc. For an explanation of the discount and discount code click here!

Click on the Game11 logo to go directly to the website.